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Hey everyone,

Todays update involved a lot of changes so I'm hoping I can remember them for you guys. This update involved mod additions as well as mission updates. Here is the list below:


  • Relocated prison to be closer to Georgetown.
  • Increased licensing costs for processing farming items
  • Increased the price of the escalade and viper.
  • Decreased capacity of the escalade
  • Added missing magazines to rebel shop
  • Changed around prices for various weapons
  • Gave EMS the ability to fully heal players
  • Buffed sell price for diamonds
  • Added Casino including blackjack and slots
  • Moved around cocaine, diamond, iron, oil, and drug dealer locations on the map.
  • Buffed hunting prices
  • Added more street lights in cities
  • Fixed bug with cops picking up spike strips
  • Fixed issue with players not being able to save weapons that were on them
  • Bridge added connecting two southern islands
  • Ear plugs changed from CTRL+O to Page Down. This also has a half step for audio fade sound.
  • Civilian zipties added for player restraining
  • Player name check script that will kick players that don't have two names
  • Money duping bug fixes
  • Added helicopter garage to the airshop near DP 15
  • Added 6 new vehicles to the civilian vehicle shop, and 9 new vehicles to the police vehicle shop. (We are aware of a bug where the thumbnail pictures are not there. This will be fixed in a hotfix patch later today/early tomorrow)
  • FEMAL3 head models mod has been added
  • Tactical hand signals mod has been added
  • Many more bug fixes that I can't even remember

Future Additions

  • Framework has been put in for a crafting system where a majority of the items available on the server will be craftable. This is not yet active, but will be in the next update.
  • Framework has been put in for mining and farming systems which will be crucial for the crafting system. This is not yet active, but will be in the next update.
  • Framework has been put in for players to build/place houses and businesses. This is not yet active, but will be in the next update.


We've been working hard to make changes that will give players more stuff to do and increase the immersion for our player base however all of this will take some time to develop. While the developers are spending a lot of time working on the new features, we don't get to spend much time on the server finding the bugs and issues. We rely on our player base to inform us of these bugs so that we can fix them in a timely manner.

If you haven't already, please check my post on how to report bugs to the development team here.

As always, we appreciate everyones assistance as we work to grow this project.

New Update + Wipe

sync0s a posted Dec 3, 16

Hey guys,

As many of you have already found out the first official update has been pushed in the early morning hours on Saturday.  This update accompanied a partial database wipe to reset the economy. We gave out a lot of money freely for testing. Also, we realized that we needed to nerf some of the items as it was too easy to make a ton of money.

Anyway, here is a list of some of the many updates made over the past week as well as included in this mornings update:

  • Disabled fatigue system
  • Fixed drop items spawning too quickly which can cause chaos
  • Police tasers made single shot before reload
  • Updated base EMS and Police loadouts
  • Added new Police Station, Prison/Jail, and Hospital to the map
  • Fixed the inability to capture gang hideouts
  • Corrected vehicle pricing scale and trunk space
  • Added script that prevents guns from coming out when exiting a vehicle
  • Fixed a bug where rebel license prevented players from getting spawn points when respawning
  • Shift+g was expanded to police
  • Added GPS Markers for cops and civilian gangs
  • Disabled the requirement to request revive before EMS can revive you
  • Corrected the distance for a jail escape preventing players from getting stuck in jail
  • Added new car shop allowing players to customize the color of their cars
  • Added feature where cops can swab players for gun residue to see if they've fired a weapon in the past 3 minutes.
  • Many, many more bug fixes that are not included in this list.

For anybody who is curious about how we plan to move forward with this project on the development side, please refer to my post in the forum here.

Thank you guys for your patience and remember to tell your friends to join!

There will be a meeting in Teamspeak at 3:30 EST about the server and any bugs you may have found.

Primarily for the poeple who have already played on the server and found bugs. Anyone is welcome though.

Teamspeak :

Tanoa Life Server is LIVE!

sync0s a posted Nov 26, 16

Hey Everyone,

The Tanoa Life server is no live and ready for action! This is just the beginning of the journey for us, but we're excited for the future. Come join up with the community and hop in the server!

Instructions for downloading the mod: Getting Started

Server IP Address:

Server Port: 2302

Teamspeak IP:

Hello all!

It's been a long road to get here but we are finally releasing our BETA to the public.

There will be plenty of features added(more mods) and meta server adjustments.

Please join us on teamspeak: for additional information and to ask any questions you may have. (If you have the old Purgatory address, change it soon becuase soon that one will be gone forever and we will change the domain to this one.)

It is also very important you join our Steam Group( ) Please feel free to join.

Recruitment is open for government positions, and if your mindset is more of a criminal and your gang is looking to reach "official" status please contact Lethal in teamspeak for details of what that means! The decided Chief of Police will be Lethanial Savage, and Chief of EMS will be Paul. 

Server should be up fairly soon and we look forward to seeing you all, some again and some for the first time!

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